Top Three Most Fun Cities in Spain

People have always strived to have fun. Out of boredom, many fun activities have emerged. Some people prefer reading books, other people prefer playing games. Everyday people try to find some new way to have fun. For instance, they surf the Internet in order to find new interesting web pages such as the, or blog web pages with interesting articles. Some people try sports, while there are many who love traveling to fun cities and places. For all of those who love visiting interesting places, in the following paragraphs, we will present to you the top three most fun cities in one of the most interesting countries in the world. Get ready because in this article we are going to Spain!


Our first destination in Spain is not Madrid or Barcelona, it is Granada. Granada is the capital of Andalusia. Located at the foot of Sierra Nevada mountains, Granada is a city that combines two cultures, Spanish and Muslim. It is the city which was occupied by the Muslims for the longest period of time and for that reason the amazing and beautiful Muslim architecture makes the city even more beautiful. The name Granada means pomegranate in Spanish. The city has many beautiful monuments and it is worth visiting. The sunset from the Mirador de San Nicolas will take your breath away. The view on the Sierra Nevada is breathtaking. If you like hiking, you can go and take a walk in the mountains. And if you love parties, Granada is also a great place for you. The nightlife of Granada is what you need. So, pack your suitcases and start your journey to Granada!


Welcome to the capital of Spain – Madrid! Madrid is a city that never sleeps. If you love partying, this is the perfect destination for you! People who live in Madrid say that once the Sun is down, the parties start. The city is famous for its architecture, historical monuments, museums, parks, and cafes. Gran Via is the beating heart of Madrid. It is the most famous street in the city. If you go to Madrid, you must visit the Prado Museum, and explore the beauty of Retiro Park. If you want to see some real fun, go to Puerta del Sol, the Spanish version Of Piccadilly Circus. Spanish food is very popular in the world, and the best food to eat in Madrid is definitely in Casa Botin. Casa Botin is the most famous and the oldest restaurant in Madrid. It was opened in 1725 and it has not stopped being popular ever since. If you do not like restaurants go to Mercado de San Miguel and buy anything you like. Visit Madrid and have some fun!


The most famous Spanish city in the world is Barcelona. Barcelona is loved by many people and it is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is another city that never sleeps. Tourists visit Barcelona every day and explore its beauties. Its architecture is mesmerizing. its Mediterranean beaches will take your breath away. La Rambla, the most popular avenue, is filled with shops and fancy restaurants. The historical monuments are well-kept. You will enjoy the medieval Gothic Quarter, La Sagrada Familia Cathedral, and many other famous sites. In Barcelona, you will enjoy every minute of your stay. So pack up your bags, amigos, Barcelona is waiting for you.