Spanish Tourism Trends 2020

Spain is one of the most accommodating European countries when it comes to tourists. However, tourism in the country is facing a slowdown which, while not alarming, has raised a few concerns regarding the way tourism impacts the economy. Still, there are many wonderful places that are still worth the visit.


One of the cities that are still considered to be a high-ranking travel destination is Bilbao. It is lively, has very interesting architecture, and features one of the Guggenheim museums. It is, therefore, not surprising it was voted the city of the year in Europe in 2018. The largest city in Basque, it is warm all year round and is well connected to other cities via trains and buses. Apart from Guggenheim, it boasts several remarkable museums, including the Basque Museum, focused on Basque culture and history.


Football fans are going to particularly enjoy the second most populous city in Spain and the capital of Catalonia, due to being the home of one of the most famous football clubs in the world. Barcelona was among the top 20 cities in Europe one would enjoy in 2011 and, while there are a few destinations out there that might seem more appealing, it holds 8 UNESCO sites and one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The only reason we are not pressuring the prospective tourists to visit this marvelous city is that it can be crowded, though not by the locals. When you visit the city, you will be met with throngs of other tourists from all over the world.


Another city famous for its footballers, Madrid is not only the capital of its country but also its most populous city. It is the perfect destination for the people that enjoy a rich nightlife that never stops and you can find a plethora of bars, nightclubs, and live venues that are sure to satisfy everyone’s cravings. It also boasts a rich artistic culture, with the bohemian lifestyle simply oozing out of its numerous cafes and galleries. If you are up for some underground entertainment, there are many abandoned places, known as hidden houses, where you can enjoy poetry readings, concerts, and botellóns. Be careful, though, these last few activities are considered illegal.

Madrid is also one of the hottest spots in Europe and the world when it comes to LGBTQ+ culture. The city has hosted pride parades since the 70s and legalized gay marriage in 2005. In other words, there aren’t many places in the world that celebrate sexual diversity quite as much as Madrid does.


One of the hottest spots in the entire country you should consider visiting in 2020 is certainly Seville, the capital of Andalusia. Apart from the museums and galleries too various and numerous to mention, the city, or rather its Triana district, is considered to be the birthplace of one of the most famous Spanish dances in the world – flamenco. The dance was originally a remnant of Andalusian culture that evolved into a national symbol Spain is famous for. In fact, if you are lucky, you can experience Bienal de Flamenco, a bi-annual festival lauded as the biggest flamenco festival in the world. Seville also boasts wonderful gastronomy and you have not lived until you tried their tapas.