Spanish News Reporter Quits Her Job Over Not-So-Grand Lottery Win

A relatable, but still sad occurrence – many people don’t like their jobs enough to continue doing them when they strike it rich. There are so many things we would do if we didn’t have to go to work every day, like write a book, travel the world, or even just experience the thrill of using the Casumo bonus online. What happens, though, when we learn that what we expected and what we received are two very different things? Natalia Escudero has learned the answer to that question.

Big Win on Live TV

The reporter was covering the drawing of the Spanish Christmas Lottery, which put her in the spotlight as she discovered that she had the winning numbers to El Gordo. The grand prize of the lottery was 400,000 euros, or around $436,000. Overcome with emotions, she took the leap and announced to the people watching that she wouldn’t be coming back to work the next day. She, understandably, flaunted her winning numbers before turning to other lottery winners and asking them what it was they were planning to do with their winnings.

Distribution of the Wealth

However, here is where things get somewhat tricky. While many lotteries allow their participants to choose their own numbers, El Gordo isn’t one of them. In fact, this is one of the lotteries where the participants are issued their own numbers, which would not be a problem until you discover that several people have the same tickets, resulting in them winning together and being forced to share the money. This comes from the complicated system of the Spanish lottery that allows people to buy a tenth of the ticket, so instead of paying, say, 200 euros for the individual ticket, they can put down 20 and still have their chance at winning. Therefore, Natalia Escudero had an unpleasant wake-up call – she only won 5000 euros, or around $5,500, far below what is needed to quit your job in Spain. She later announced that she was given just a pinch of the grand prize, leaving people wondering about the truthfulness of her coverage and the integrity of the lottery.

The Aftermath

The future of Escudero seems anything but certain, as her behavior on live TV has left many wondering whether she acted in a professional manner and her reaction to the lottery numbers and the subsequent realization left people feeling cheated. We don’t know whether Natalia Escudero is still employed by RTVE. Her 25-year-long career at the TV station may be coming to an end, despite a clean track record and an apology she issued to the viewers on Twitter.