Spain Bans Gambling Ads Like They’re Tobacco?

Various countries where gambling is popular, as is the case with Spain, try their hardest to curb problematic gambling. Many online bookies, casinos, and lotteries, as well as their land-based counterparts, have visible warnings and other preventive measures to make sure gambling is enjoyed in a responsible way. That is the reason why, when people punch in online codes, like the bgo Promo Code, they are often greeted with a message that urges them to approach this pastime carefully. Spain, it appears, has gone one step further by introducing a ban on gambling ads.


Francisco Fernández Marugán, the ombudsman, proposed to the Spanish government the option of banning gambling ads. The reason behind this appeal stems from numerous complaints from the citizens of Spain and the ombudsman’s opinion that gambling is a public health issue and should, therefore, be treated as such, negating the rules originally designed to protect the freedom of business. As risky behavior, gambling should be regulated as much as tobacco and alcohol consumption and that includes banning ads. The proposition was met with a solid amount of public support.


The pressure for this legislation has been slowly stirring for quite some time, with the ban first being mentioned in 2018. Now, ion 2020, we have confirmation that the tobacco-style restrictions are going to be implemented into businesses dealing with gambling.

If we look at the legislation surrounding tobacco consumption, we can see that the legislation is not going to be very lenient towards gambling businesses. Since the beginning of the 21st century, Spain has been slowly outlawing tobacco products in certain areas. Furthermore, there is a large restriction imposed on advertising tobacco products. While not banned from advertising, tobacco companies cannot sponsor any events or projects, though they can still advertise in publications that are not meant for the European market.


The ruling coalition has already started working on the legislation, introducing six new measures dealing with the problematic gambling. One of these measures is aimed at preventing minors from being exposed to gambling facilities more than necessary, while still allowing the general public to enjoy themselves, by preventing gambling businesses from opening before 10 pm.

Another measure deals with classifying problem gambling as a mental disorder and making efforts towards informing the public more about the health and safety issues surrounding this hobby. Gambling businesses will also need to openly display warnings, much like online businesses, that state the danger of going overboard with gambling.


Apart from protecting the minors of the country, as well as the people prone to addiction, which is the main aim of these measures, there will be a few drawbacks as well. There are many businesses that rely on affiliate marketing for profit and with the new gambling legislation in place, these businesses will need to find another way of maintaining their income. Still, if the Spanish government can keep its people safe from the dangers the pastime presents, it will be worth it.