iGaming in Europe – Where and How to Gamble

Europe as a whole is a collection of various countries, many operated by their own laws. Some have other laws they must abide, like those in the European Union but when it comes to online gambling or iGaming, as it is also called, they are free to regulate and create laws as they please.

What can you expect from online gambling? You can expect anything that you can do in an actual sportsbook or casino, bet and gamble in a lot of different ways. A great example would be eSports as it is very new to the betting scene and yet still very popular. People into gaming who are also fond of gambling can now bet online. If you also like cryptocurrencies, you can bet with PVP.ME and eventually get to use your promo code once they come out of beta.

What can online gamblers from Europe expect? Can every person gamble, regardless of their citizenship? It depends.

Gambling in Europe – Generally

Europe has been home to gambling for quite some time. Many countries are looking towards Europe, especially when it comes to sports betting. Gambling is regulated in many European countries, however, it should be noted that many of them are or are not in the European Union. The members of the European Union are not bound by any specific gambling regulation and are allowed full autonomy when it comes to gambling within their own borders.

Sports betting and gambling in general is regulated in Europe in many countries, most of them having lotteries and other games of chance. Online gambling is a bit different yet not that much.

Online Gambling in Europe

While it should be noted that all countries are free to make their own gambling laws and regulations, online gambling is legal in some form or shape. Whether betting on sports or poker, you can find most of those available online. There are 4 Europe-based license providers in Alderney, Malta, Isle of Man and Gibraltar. Those are independent and are a signal of a trustworthy online business.

Some countries like Norway, Sweden, Slovakia, Poland and Switzerland have a state monopoly on gambling, including online gambling. You are allowed to bet, but only through those specific providers designated by the country.

Some countries have open policies while others a bit more restricted ones and then you have state monopolies. Whichever one of those is the case, you are far likely to be able to gamble online, legally, than a US citizen would be.

The easiest way to check whether you are eligible to gamble online is by going to reputable online casinos and asking their customer service, if referring to their list of allowed countries is not enough.

Whether you’re from France or Germany, the UK or Poland or Italy, you’ll be able to gamble online in Europe. Tourists can also gamble, so feel free to enjoy both offline and online gambling if you’re traveling through Europe. It never hurts to check, however, which country is accepted by reputable online casinos, through their customer service, if you want to be thorough.