Bienvenido! Welcome to alberguecamarena.com, a blog about travelling in Spain. This site aims to present the beauties of Spain and all those amazing things that make Spain a great travelling destination.
Spain is a land of diversity. From the cultural hubs of Madrid and Barcelona, to the paradise beaches of Majorca and Tenerife, from the Moorish citadels of the south to the mountains of the Basque region in the north, Galicia, with its valleys and cliffs, Andalusia, with its barren rolling hills, Rioja, with its vine-covered landscapes, and Malaga, with its jaw-dropping mountains… Spain is the country that will take your breath away.
If you are wondering why you should pack your bags and go to Spain as soon as possible, here are just some of the reasons:
Spain boasts an amazing assortment of absolutely spectacular beaches, from idyllic Mediterranean coves with crystal clear waters to pristine miles of golden sand, wild and rocky Atlantic shores, and black-sand jewels in the volcanic Canary Islands.
Few places throw a party like Spain. This is the land of fiestas. In every single city, town and village there is a festival of some kind, ranging from folk dances to 5-story human statues, flaming effigies, and battles involving paint, meringue, grapes, or oranges.
Another experience you shouldn’t miss while in Spain is attending a football game. The country is home to some of the world’s best football teams (Real Madrid and FC Barcelona). The locals are crazy about this sport, and each game ends up into a fiesta.
Spain has one of the best cuisines in the world. Defined by the regional specialities, century-old traditions, and Middle-Eastern influences it is an incredible source of unique flavours. Jambon, paella, gazpacho, seafood, tortilla de patatas…the list goes on and on!
Spain is one of the world’s centres of art and culture. The country boasts over 1400 museums and some of the world’s most beautiful and unusual architecture.
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Let’s dance to the rhythms of flamenco, wander the narrow streets of centuries-old villages, sip sangria during an afternoon siesta on a white-sand beach. Let’s discover this wonderful country together and rest assured: no matter how many times you visit Spain, you will always want to come back for more!