5 Spanish Cities with the Best Nightlife

Sometimes it is difficult to leave the online world we all live in. We have gotten so used to staring at our computers and phones, whether it is while working, watching our favorite show, or just chatting with our friends and family. We even use the internet to visit online casinos, but with such fantastic bonus codes such as Cozino Coupon Code, who can really blame us? However, sometimes, when we look up from our phones, we realize that the real world has a lot to offer as well. If you are interested in nightlife, Spain is one of the countries that the best places for partying. 

1. Madrid

The capital of Spain is not only the best for sightseeing beautiful monuments and majestic buildings but also when it comes to nightlife. It offers an array of different pubs and clubs out of which the most popular is nightclub Kapital. It has seven floors and each of them offers a different kind of setting and atmosphere so that you can definitely find the one that suits you. In summer, you can even go out onto a large terrace on the top floor and enjoy the night under the stars. Other clubs you might want to check out as well include Joy Eslava and Gabana 1800.

2. Ibiza

You probably aren’t surprised to find Ibiza on this list, as it is a world-known party place. The island is famous for the most extravagant, wild parties, so if that’s something that interests you, you know where to book your next trip. This place is especially great for lovers of techno music and can expect to see some of the world’s greatest DJs in Ibiza.

3. Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most popular destinations in Spain, and with such a great nightlife, we aren’t surprised. It would be a shame to visit Barcelona and not enjoy some of the beach parties it offers, but if you prefer nightclubs, Barcelona has that to offer as well. Sala Apolo, Input, La Terrrazza, and Jamboree Dance Club are just some of the most popular places to visit in Barcelona at night. 

4. Benidorm

Just like Ibiza, Benidorm is one of the designated party places where you can enjoy different types of particles all day and night long. In summer, there are more than 150 clubs and bars for you to visit, so there is something for everyone. Levante beach is one of the places in Benidorm popular for wild parties, something you should definitely experience when you go there. 

5. Seville

With its mesmerizing architecture, the streets of Seville are full of charm and pleasant atmosphere. Art, culture, beautiful monuments, and flamenco are all great reasons for visiting Seville. But what many people do not know, is that this is also one of the best places for parties in Spain as it offers a variety of different clubs and bars. Salvadorian square is filled with popular bars but Nervion district is the best part of the city if you are interested in nightlife. However you decide to spend your vacation time, Seville is the place to go to.